Sky Extracts THC Capsules | 5 Pack


Our THC Capsules have only 2 ingredients. Full spectrum cannabis oil and MCT oil (coconut oil). The cannabis oil inside the capsule is what gives you the effect of feeling high or stoned.

How does it work?

The cannabinoids are ferried through the bloodstream to the brain. MCT oil acts as a carrier to help your body absorb the cannabinoids. The two oils work in synergy to deliver effects at varying dosages.

Effects and Use

Potency depends on which dose you take, and how you react to edibles. The best advice is to start slow, and take your time.


Proper and exact dosing

Taking capsules is an excellent way to dose properly, especially if you’re using cannabis as medication. Some people don’t like to smoke or vape, or perhaps have complications with their lungs.  THC capsules can provide all the benefits of cannabis without impacting your lungs. For recreational users, THC Caps are very discreet. Bring some into a movie theatre or any indoor activity. This edible product is an excellent way to dose precisely.


10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg


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